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Are you feeling a bit restless in your job?

 You’re not doing something that you really enjoy, or that you can see yourself having a future in? You’re constantly feeling stressed and unsupported at work, with no real chance of things changing.

Or maybe you’re feeling pretty unmotivated, and thinking this isn’t what I want, but hey, I’m lucky to have a job… Yet there’s this niggling feeling that ‘it could be better’, or that you’d like things to be different, be doing something different but that you’re ‘too busy’ or it’s ‘all too hard’ to even think about it? 

Generally, you’re feeling stuck…

How does Career coaching help me?

Let's imagine this!

"The career coaching sessions helped me to get really clear on my goals and to notice what was holding me back. I learned practical strategies that I could use as well as the importance of looking after myself. I found it really easy to work with Kathryn as she considered the practical and emotional aspects of my job search process which was incredibly valuable for me and something I had not experienced with other people who’d tried to help me in the past."
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