Frequently Asked Questions


Sporting teams and athletes have always had coaches to help them improve performance. More recently, this concept has been expanded so people have coaches to help them achieve their goals across different areas, be it specific aspects of work eg career, business, management, leadership development or life generally. 

In essence coaching will help you in taking action to achieve your goals and to improve your life. Typically, the starting point is in clarifying your values, where you’d like to be and identifying what’s getting in the way – which often leads to a sense of feeling ‘stuck’. It’s a collaborative process where as your coach I will listen to really understand how you make sense of things and how you operate in the world. I will challenge you to stretch beyond your comfort zone and hold you accountable in terms of the goals you’ve set for yourself. We’ll look at how to re-wire old habits into new effective behaviours that take you towards the outcomes you’re seeking. Together, we will build the platform for you to create sustainable change in your life, in the direction of your dreams. 

I coach people at different life and career stages – there is no typical client and my skills and experience mean that I can readily adapt to whatever your personal situation and needs may be. 

As coaching is a collaborative and personal process, trust is essential and its important to feel that you are in safe hands. I have post graduate qualifications in Counselling and Psychotherapy and coaching, am registered as a Clinical Member of PACFA and I have many, many years of coaching experience. For more information – visit About.

Our Create Momentum (CM) journey starts with an initial session where you get a sense of my approach and coaching style and I get a clear picture of you as a person, your needs and your goals and aspirations. 

As everyone’s different, after this initial session I develop a CM Coaching program specifically tailored to your individual needs. 

Through the CM Coaching Program I will: 

  • Help you clarify your values 
  • Help you create a detailed vision of what you want
  • Help you develop awareness of what gets in the way eg unhelpful thinking styles, self doubt  or other patterns of behaviour
  • Co-create a plan of action with you
  • Give you tools and strategies that you can use in a practical way, with any challenges that may arise. 
  • Use a strengths based approach to support you in taking action towards your goals, 
  • Hold you accountable along the way, and
  • Cheer-lead you on to achieve your goals more quickly

Change is a process that happens over time. It’s not instantaneous. In my experience, a minimum of five sessions is needed to start to create momentum and take action in a way that you feel a sense of accomplishment towards achieving the outcomes that you’re seeking. 

Coaching sessions are available by video, or phone or face-to-face on the lower North Shore in Sydney. Arrangements can be made to ensure that they are as convenient as possible for you. 

My coaching approach has been successful with hundreds of clients. (refer to client feedback on the Services pages). The CM Coaching Program is individually customised, grounded in proven methodologies and readily adaptable to changing circumstances, so it’s optimised to be effective in meeting your needs. The main variable in terms of success - is your commitment in terms of time, effort and application – so that ball is very much, in your court.