It's time to

Create Momentum

Helping people to get clear, shift gears & take action to create the life they’ve always wanted. 

How I can help you!

I’ve created a space where you’ll be supported in finding clarity, direction, and taking action in an authentic way, to be the version of yourself that you’ve always wanted to be.

About Kathryn

I’m passionate about helping people create the momentum to build meaningful change in their lives.

I’ve changed career three times from a lawyer in private practice, to working in investment banking and then re-training to study Psychotherapy and Counselling and Coaching and building my own practice – which I love! 

After working for many years now as a coach and counsellor in private practice with different individuals at various stages of life I know this to be true:

"You make the choice to Create Momentum and from then, every step will build the momentum towards bigger, more sustainable change in the direction of the life you’ve always wanted..."
Kathryn Cordier
"Thank you for your time and support. It gave me the courage to make the changes I needed to. I am so very grateful for your help and that I chose you - you were absolutely the right coach for me."
Life Coaching & Mentoring | Client

Points of Difference


A broad range of life and work experience including with organisations with very different cultures and around the world.


Psychotherapist & Counsellor (with post graduate qualifications & Clinical Membership of PACFA), with extensive coaching experience.

Flexible Approaches

I see you as an individual & create a program to fit you. Allowing for twists and turns to accommodate your unique journey.

Create meaningful change in your life!

It starts with having the courage to take one small step, and then another… possibly with slip ups along the way, yet every step forward builds the momentum for bigger, more sustainable change in the direction of the life they’ve always wanted…